The Latest Info On E-cigs

The Latest Info On E-cigs

Times have changed. You like to smoke but you are aware of the ill effects of smoking. Now you want to switch over to e cigs as you know they provide the same smoking experience but with a healthy kick. However, you do not know where and how to start and we’ve created this simple e-cig guide just for this reason.

Where to buy an electronic cigarette kit?
Many companies provide different electronic cigarettes, flavors and kits. In fact, you can find cheap kits even at the local supermarket but it’s not a good idea to buy these units. Always make sure you buy the best kit possible from a reputable dealer like us. We test all our kits and provide spare parts along with background information about the manufacturer and retailer. The kits also come with a guarantee and warranty and you can easily replace the kit if it fails.

Choosing the Kit
For novices, there are special starter kits that are simple to use and affordable as well. Please note that novice e cig kits are cheaper as they made for novices who might not like the feel of the kit or they might even break it. In case this happens, you can easily buy another kit and not feel the pinch. Of course, you can also choose from expert-level gourmet kits in different budget ranges and sizes. These are expensive but they are covered with a guarantee and spare parts are readily available.

Learning how to use the e cigarette
The actual e vape experience is very different from normal cigarettes. Tobacco smoke contains more than 6000 different chemicals vaporized into smoke and then inhaled into the lungs. The lung cells have to filter out nicotine from the smoke and then absorb it into blood. This takes time and the smoker does feel the nicotine hit after sometime. This does not happen with vape sticks as the vapor eliquid is almost pure nicotine with flavoring and steam. The lungs can absorb nicotine faster and the smoker feels the hit stronger. For this reason, smokers have to accustom themselves to the feel and taste of vape liquids and the electronic smoking stick. It’s a good idea to read as many websites and guides on how to use vape sticks. If you cannot find good guides, we recommend you start with us as we have a complete guide on how to assemble, use and smoke vapor sticks. This simple guide will definitely help you choose and use the e cigarettes correctly.

Choosing flavors
There are so many different vape flavors available online that choosing the right one is difficult. We recommend you order sample packs from a reputable dealer. These packs will have single-use ampoules that are cheaper but easy to use. All you have to do is use the ampoules and then decide how you want to use them. You can then order the kit you want. Get in touch with us as we have a complete inventory of vape liquids from almost every manufacturer in the world and you can choose the flavor unit you want.